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Good entry here. In the text you stated ” to comfort themselves if they break a ‘rule’ and not fear eternal punishment, to create their own psychic structures outside the religious community. For some this is not possible, and to attempt a more fulfilling spiritual path is likely to lead to severe breakdown of the present psychic structures, with nothing to put in their place.:”
Though this is true of many of the world’s religions, Christianity is built on a relationship with Christ, not on following rules. Romans 8:1 says that there is no condemnation for those in Christ. We don’t need to beat ourselves up, Christ took the beating for the sins a believer has and will make.  A Christian will make moral decisions and abide in cultural activities not out of fear of breaking rules, but out of love and respect fore the one who died for our Sins, John 3:16.  I love my wife and would not go out and have an affair because I love her. I don’t have an affair for fear of breaking a moral law.

The ‘rules’ of the Bible were over 600 set forth in detail in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy and offered in all 4 other books of “The Law-Jewish “Torah” from Genesis -Numbers. That Law is used as a tutor, it described sin and was there to teach man that to be holy and righteous, you need to do all those laws. (Galatians 3:24-25) The nature of sin is antithetical to God’s desire for us. Without rules, sin has nothing to draw from to ignite its actions (Romans 7:7-8). Anyone can see that there is no way to follow all of them, so God gave us Jesus who did and died taking our sins with Him. You can’t write a speeding ticket to a dead man. (Romans 7:1) When we believe in Christ we identify with His death and we are included in His death regarding our Sins. (Romans 7:4-6) Through the renewing of the mind by studying Scripture, our thoughts and actions move towards a more Godly way than rebellion against God. (Romans 12:2, Titus 3:5) That being a result of the response of Love and not self seeking, the Bible is clear about not seeking for my betterment but so that I am equipped to seek for the betterment of others. The Bible also deals with debasement, that we need to realize that without Christ we are nothing and with Christ we are not some super hero, a puffed up know-it-all but an empty vessel (2 Timothy 2:21) prepared for God to use. The ‘self’ is pretty much junk without Christ.
(Romans 7:14-25).
Thanks for this article as it helped me to debunk some harsher criticisms of Jung on religion. His conclusions ring true for any religion based on following the rules and fearing that God will ‘strike you dead’ if you break them. Not the God of a follower of Jesus. We have a liberty, a freedom from the rules and our actions grow to be more in line with what God wants than what we want, not by following the rules but out of a love relationship.
As a footnote, often folks look at the word ‘fear’ in the Bible and concoct that it means that people are afraid of God and that is why they do what they do. The word means respect and awe. Lot’s of people feared God and turned away from Him. Many feared God and turned to Him.


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